Volendam and Amsterdam (Day 4)

By tina - tOonZone, August 9, 2011

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This morning we are going to Volendam by bus from Amsterdam Central. I like Volendam, the weather, the view, the houses, the food, love it! And finally we took a picture with Netherland's traditional dress :) I think every (Indonesian) tourist will do that. Hahaha... we took a picture in front of the photo studio that every Indonesian tourist went. There were many Indonesian Artists took their pictures at that place, but we choose another photo studio which we can get the soft copy home.

While waiting for the picture ready for collection, we go to buy some cute Netherland souvenirs and grab mixed seafood fried for lunch.

Back from Volendam, we take a canal cruise at Amsterdam. Because of the landed house shortage in Amsterdam is very bad, a lot of people are living inside their boats. Here you can see their boats looks very unique one another :) Creative!

After the canal cruise, we are walking around the Amsterdam City, the red district area, and eat CHINESE FOOD :) Super yummy! One more thing, we went to the Sex Museum. I don't dare to take picture inside there, I myself feel gross while I was inside *yuck*

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    gw punya bbrp foto madurodam yg lu blm ada

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