Tina's Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Taking out Tina’s Wisdom Tooth

By pyanto, September 30, 2010

It started a month ago, every evening Tina always nags nags nags.. "argh pete!! headache! headache!" almost everyday, but I didn't know what causing it, but sometimes, she also complained that her teeth are painful. We didn't realize that it was her wisdom tooth..

So went to Jakarta, got her checked by our Friend dentist. but can't find what wrong with her. So he recommended us to do an x-ray. I brought her to a dentist that I use to go. He go a complete set of tools... even can take photos there too. Then we found out, that it were her wisdom teeth.. 2 piece.. left and right.. that was the source of the pain... being advised that it is better to take out, we decided to do it. And we did... LOL..

now her teeth are fine, but my wallet seems a bit painful now...

Enjoy the screenshot!

Tina's Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Tina's Wisdom Tooth Surgery

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  1. Congratulation to joined us, finally no more headache by wisdom tooth!

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