SG – Colombo – Dubai – Düsseldorf (Day 1)

By tina - tOonZone, August 6, 2011

YEAY.. Today is 6th of August, we will begin our adventure to Europe. Flying off from Singapore (6th August 00:55 a.m. Singapore Time) - transit to Colombo - transit to Dubai (change airplane) - then finally touch down to Düsseldorf, Germany (6th August 09:25 a.m Germany Time).

This is the longest day I ever experienced (more than 24 hours a day).

After a long journey at the airplane, we finally reached Germany. We go straight to my bro-in-laws n sis's place (Marcus & Felicia), my sister cooked some appetizer before heading to her in-law's house. She invited us to have BBQ and dinner together. Of course before we are leaving the house, we take a bath to refresh ourselves :) the we start the Journey by tram and train to the South-side of Düsseldorf.

On the way to my sister's in-law's house, we pass by Schloß Benrath and take some pictures. I love the houses around there!!!!

After a few blocks walking, we reach the dinner place. Harry and Ching are the host for the BBQ dinner. They are very warm welcoming us. The food is delicious, their house is very nice also. Love it. :)

Closing this day by walking around the Düsseldorf's city area, we walk thru the longest bar in the world.

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