Paris (Day 13)

By tina - tOonZone, August 18, 2011

Since our hotel is walking distance from Eiffel Tower, can't stop taking picture of that famous tower. As planned, we are taking the HOP ON-HOP OFF bus service. This bus has few track which will be stopping in several tourist spots so that we as tourist can hop off and hop on anytime at these places. Just don't loose your ticket cos that's your identity for the day. Hehe..

We buy the ticket from the Eiffel Tower stop, hop on to the bus and get the "guide" earphone which explaining the places that we passed by and tell us the next stop point. Our first stop is the Lourve Museum, taking some picture and hop on to our next stop - Notre Dame Church. We take lunch at le notre dame restaurant and then walking to the Notre Dame Church.

Our next stop is Avenue des Champs Elysees, window shopping is the best medicine for the sour n tired eyes. HAHAHA.. Continuing our walk to the Arc de Triomphe, the Q to get to the top of it is very long so we decided not to join in the line (of course with this kind of sun). People said you can enjoy excellent views of Paris from there. Then, we enjoy the rest of the day from the HOP ON-HOP OFF bus, trying other bus track until quite late and back to Eiffel Tower stop.

After having dinner, we challenge ourself to get into trouble (for the record, both of us are afraid of HEIGHT!!!). Though the Q is super long but we ARE IN THE QUEUE. Oh my God oh my God!! Getting more nervous as we are getting closer to the lift. Yes, we are going to the Eiffel Tower!! I get the "youth" price because I'm still 24 (the age range is 12-24). The lift will go directly to the second floor which is the one in the middle of the tower, to get to the 3rd level you have to buy another entrance fee. We dare not to go too high. Hahaha. The trip to the second level is really scary for us, then there's a lift to go to the first level (which is a little bit lower than second floor but a lot of people who want to go in, so we think *wink* maybe we should try go by STAIRS. OH MAN! That's really BAD idea, HAHAHA.. after few steps down the stairs we both are screaming out loud and taking the way back. GOSH! SOOOO WINDY and you can see thru everything. Yes we are back to the crowd to the lift and going to the ground. SIGH. It feels safe here in the ground.

What an experience! Haha. Back to the hotel and another adventure tomorrow...

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  1. Amelia says:

    damn, cannot get a youth ticket

  2. Amelia says:

    cha gw pengen liat foto view dari hotel u di paris

  3. i need to dig into my phone to get that pic..

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