Our WO-team leader birthday..

By tina - tOonZone, April 10, 2010

I was cheated by ce vera on April Fool's day. That day she put 1 April as her birthday on facebook. So I send her message to greet her. But *sigh* she MSN me that her real birthday was not on the 1st of April *so shame of me* then she was telling me her real birthday date. I was so sure she told me her birthday is 8 April, so I greet her again on 8 of april. It was really shameful that her real birthday is 9 of April!! HAHAHA..

Then I got an idea to surprise her, I message ce nela (she is on my WO-team also.. :p ) to help me buy the cake *thanks ce.. wink wink..* HAHAHA.. I and Erik are really happy since ce vera and family were happy and surprised by our cake.. :D

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