By pyanto, November 12, 2009

So I've been doing this for sometime until I know these basics.. LOLs.. I refer to one of my favorite website.. : Designer Depot
1. so to begin.. it's chicken or egg.
Is it the letter or subscriber.. you choose!

2. HTML or plain text?
Who want to see plain text? boring!

Users spend 51 seconds reading the average newsletter. The layout and writing both need superb usability to survive in the high-pressure environment of a crowded inbox.

3. ToOls..
Dedicated one should be enough!
- CampaignMonitor
- MailChimp
- Emma
- Cheetah
any other?

4. Inspiration.
Now where to get the inspiration? sitting down at Coffee-Shop would be a great idea?? most important is concept!
It has to be Fresh! Easy to read! Scanable! Balanced! Clickable! Consistent! Fed the purpose!

It has to be Consistent! Conservative! Contrast!

5. Why send?
hmm is it because my boss told me? keep in touch man!

inspired by : WDD, DP

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