New Theory was Invented

By tina - tOonZone, November 16, 2009

It was on Sunday night after taking dinner with Erik, Jose, Amelia(my sista), Hendro, and Albert @NihonMura - The Cathay. We were doing experiment to Erik's camera feature which is smile shutter. The camera will capture the picture when they detect ppl's smile..

After trying many time, dunNo why my smile always failed to be captured. Only Erik n Jose's smile can make it! HUH! Kinda jealous..

See.. the 1st image was not captured by smile shutter (it was manual one.. see how frustrated my face was). The second one was FINALLY!!!! being capture by the camera.. But hmm kinda curious what makes the camera detect the smile??

I was testing my theory for 3 times.. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D AND I THINK IT IS REALLY WORKS. hahaha..


So, what's my Theory??? The camera smile shutter captured the pic by eyes movement..not lips nor smile!! Cheated!! HAHAHA.. See my sister was not even smiling but it's captured..

Hihihi.. *proud to myself*

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