My Handbag Transformation

By tina - tOonZone, May 7, 2011

RUN after RUN that I join for fun in Singapore gave me free handbag which is lightweight and I LOVE IT!! Leather (heavy) handbag is not an option for me cause I don't like to bring that heavy thing wherever I go, though It will make me more mature :p

Erik start to complain about my freebies handbag, so I ask him to buy a new handbag for me (Of course have to be lightweight). MUWAHAHAHAHA.. Then I got it, LONGCHAMP darshan yellow medium size with long handle and the color is YELLOW. Thanks dear, love it!

Here's the story behind Darshan:

The Darshan line transports us directly into the heart of Hindu culture. Bearers of many messages, flower petal necklaces are laid down as offerings to the Gods during ceremonies.
This flowery print is in perfect harmony with Indian traditions.
White, symbol of purity, is associated with Sunshine Yellow or Indian Pink, both fresh and luminous.

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