the cake

My Birthday…

By pyanto, November 7, 2009

Yeah.. Quarter Century I am.. suprised by my flatmate, cha2, ose, and my girlfriend.. a cake lighted with "cannot die" candles..

so let the picture say the words..

The Cake...

the cake

The Candle Blowing

the blow

The Cake Cutting

the cut

Then the Presents.. Surprise!!!

the present

from my flatmate

Sony DSC-W180

from My love.. with her sis and ose.

Can't wait for tomorrow!! Today..oops..

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  1. Happy birthday.. ^^V

  2. pyanto says:

    thx howney.. the cake is really nice.. just love it.. similar to the one from Eaton that I usually bought.. ahahaa..

    btw thx for the camera.. we gonna use it maximalee.. ahahaa

  3. amelia says:

    gue ngga ikutan bli kamera nya pete… cuma beli cover nya doank…

  4. pyanto says:

    yah kan ikut ke poto juga.. jadi gw include aje.. wkwkwkw

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