Kevelaer, Germany – Roermond, Netherland (Day 2)

By tina - tOonZone, August 7, 2011

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Today our tour guide will bring us to 2 cities, Kevelaer and Roermond. In Kevelaer we visited one area with few Chapels and Church. Kevelaer is the most important Marian pilgrimage site of northwest Europe. Situated in the region between the rivers Rhine and Maas, it was always plagued by wars and battles. During the Thirty Years' War, in 1641, the simple merchant Hendrik Busman built a small shrine for an inconspicuous etching of Our Lady of Luxembourg that he had bought from a couple of soldiers. The tiny image (7.5 x 11 cm) became known as "Maria, Trösterin der Betrübten" ("Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted").

  • One of the famous Chapel is Gnadenkapelle (Chapel of Grace)

    This Chapel was built over the shrine to protect the sacred image. The image itself, however, is rather modest and definitely not a great work of art – it’s the story behind it that counts. It is a print, probably from a copper engraving, on paper and no larger than the palm of a hand. It shows Maria and baby Jesus, both wearing crowns. Maria is holding a sceptre and wearing a wide cloak. In the background the city of Luxembourg is depicted, with the pilgrimage chapel on the right – which is probably where the soldiers got the image.

    The cult image in the Chapel of Mercy is still the original one. The small print has received a silver frame and a golden crown and is ornated with precious jewels. It can be seen from outside the chapel through an opening in the wall. From inside the chapel you can walks past the image through a narrow passage behind the altar.

  • Kerzenkapelle – Chapel of the Candles

    In 1643 the construction of the first pilgrimage church the Chapel of the Candles, was begun and completed within two years. In this church the pilgrims celebrate mass and offer big candles. Most pilgrimages take place every year and they have their fixed place for their candle, marked with a sign and crest of the town, parish or diocese.

    Individual pilgrims can donate and light smaller candles outside the chapel. Candles can be obtained there for a little donation and put onto one of the large iron candle holders.

  • Basilika St. Marien

    The two small chapels soon were too small for the numbers of pilgrims that visited Kevelaer. In the mid-19th century the construction of a much larger new church was planned.

  • Brunnenhof – Fountain Courtyard

    The courtyard is surrounded by Basilica, Sacrament Chapel and Confession Chapel. The fountain in the middle with its four water flows is a symbol of God’s ever flowing mercy, just like the four streams of paradise that forever make Earth fertile.

  • Tauf und Beichtkapelle - Chapel of Baptism and Confession

    The chapel in Fountain Courtyard served for the sacraments of baptism and confession. Many of the personal miracles of Kevealer happen here, where people are relieved of their burdens after confession their guilt and being granted absolution.

    The baptismal font in the vestibule depicts Jonah and the whale.

  • Sakramentskapelle – Chapel of the Sacrament

    The holiest, the consecrated Eucharistic host, is displayed for adoration in the chapel by the entrance to the fountain courtyard.

After the mass, we go for a Germany Lunch near the Church -> Curry Bratwurst!!! Super-delicious! ;p

Roermond is our next journey, it's actually in Netherland so we are passing by the borderline between Deutschland/Germany and Netherland. We visit Roermond Designer Outlet, a lot of branded stuff here. It's so FUN! Shopping time :)

Tired after shopping we are going back to Düsseldorf, Germany to have a DINNER. YEAY! Actually my sister want to bring us to Chinese Restaurant named Yummy Yummy, but the restaurant close when we reach there. So we are have a Korean Dinner at Gin Seng Restaurant :) Delicious!

We also take some pictures with the pieces of Berlin Wall.

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