September 9, 2011

At last.. acquired 1 of this kind…


2nd Item for 2011 – PRS SE Paul Allender

April 24, 2011

This would be my second new gear for the year 2011, introducing PRS SE Paul Allender Signature…

Korg Pandora

1st Acquisition… Korg Pandora Mini

April 20, 2011

I decided to buy this to enforce me to do more guitar practice.. It has more than 100 drum beats, with loops and fill in.. effects are also vary.. still tweaking in nowadays..


Tin Hau Mandarin Oriental Philippines

April 15, 2011

is a Chinese restaurant in the second floor at Mandarin Oriental PH, is also the only Chinese restaurant in the hotel. I didn’t managed to taste all the food, but only able to eat some vegetarian food.


PD Special “I know what you did on Valentine’s day”

February 10, 2011

It’s almost Valentine and we would like to have a date with you on 11 Feb 2011, at 7.45 P.M (Holy Spirit Church, Lv. 4 Attic)

air-asia ticket

yet another un-importante posts!!!

November 7, 2010

air-asia ticket


Another not so important post

October 25, 2010

Recently went to the gym again.. and guess what.. I got another lucky number…


Here is my previous post :

Tina's Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Taking out Tina’s Wisdom Tooth

September 30, 2010

It started a month ago, every evening Tina always nags nags nags.. “argh pete!! headache! headache!” almost everyday, but I didn’t know what causing it, but sometimes, she also complained that her teeth are painful. We didn’t realize that it was her wisdom tooth..


Forever with Us

August 4, 2010

4 August 2010,
Rest in peace our beloved pet..

first day

Not so important post

May 3, 2010

First day gym card.. I knew it.. something weird on my lucky number.. either 7 or eleven… today i got another eleven… MUWAHAHAHA


Our BlackBerry

December 17, 2009

So this is ours.. bold and gemini.. one big and one small.. just like us..

After my bold was lost, bought new gemini. So we are both gemini now..

Creative Speaker… Buy Now!!

December 1, 2009

Zii Plaszma Starter Kit + Zii EGG 32GB


November 12, 2009

So I’ve been doing this for sometime until I know these basics.. LOLs.. I refer to one of my favorite website.. : Designer Depot
1. so to begin.. it’s chicken or egg.
Is it the letter or subscriber.. you choose!
2. HTML or plain text?
Who want to see plain text? boring!
Users spend 51 seconds reading the average newsletter. […]

Gear for sell!

November 9, 2009
1. DS2 $80 box – 1 year – gak jadi jual
2. Artec Stereo Chorus $70 box – 3 month – sold 11/11/2009
3. Artect Compressor $50 box – 3 month – sold 11/11/2009
4. TC electronic Vintage dual distortion $225 no box – 1 year+ – sold 26/11/2009
5. Line6 crunchtone $90 box – 1 year
6. LS-2 $80 […]


My Birthday.. (con’t)

November 8, 2009

Continuing my previous post.. that Saturday, I had a full day of busy schedule.. from early morning birthday surprise at 00.00 then continued with my band practice, Efata youth meetings, before I spend my birthday together with my girlfriend..I’d chosen a romantic dinner to fill my birthday.. so this post is meant to share […]

the cake

My Birthday…

November 7, 2009

Yeah.. Quarter Century I am.. suprised by my flatmate, cha2, ose, and my girlfriend.. a cake lighted with “cannot die” candles..
so let the picture say the words..
The Cake…

The Candle Blowing

The Cake Cutting

Then the Presents.. Surprise!!!

from my flatmate

from My love.. with her sis and ose.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!! Today..oops..

Zii for blackberry bold

My Zii Blackberry

November 4, 2009

Created for Blackberry 9xxxx