Hello world from my mobile phone

By tina - tOonZone, May 20, 2013

Hello world, that's the most and foremost basic thing you will try when u learn programming. Whatever the programming language is..

Well, I am a web programmer. I was really very busy with my job so that I have no time to blog no more. You know, the feeling after the whole day facing PC at work and continue at home? Are u kidding me? I would rather lay back on my sweet and lovely bed. But thanks to the technology nowadays, I can blog from my mobile phone!! Yippee!!!

Alright. I'm a full time house wife now and part time programmer (that's my hobby, can't live without it). Haha. So during my boredom time, my other hobby are knitting and cross stitching, u can see my handicraft collection here . I love to explore new easy bitsy recipe and my favourite is tiramisu!!!


Anyone who wanna order for special occasion or for ur sweet treat, drop me a note to my email.

Time to snooze..
Nitey nite, mate..

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