GGC Reunion (Singapore – Penang)

By tina - tOonZone, October 4, 2013


We were high school buddies and we promised to make time and do reunion 4 years after we graduated but here we are 10 years after that day, we FINALLY had the chance to meet up and catching up with our life's stories. Here are some snip snap shot and story of our journey :)

  • Our first stop is VivoCity, Singapore to try Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee, I really love this noodle cos the taste is really similar to Indo's noodle. Slurp. After that we continue our chit chat to Saint Marc Cafe. It is my second time here and my favourite is their little fuji dessert, it's sweet and refreshing.
  • Before the night come, we quickly go back home and get dress for Vidya's special night. We have prepared hen's party for her (though her wedding day will be next year but since we have the chance now, let's party!!). The party took place at the 70th floor of Swissotel Singapore. We had dinner at Equinox Restaurant and then continue to the New Asia Bar for the lil game for the Bride to be :p
  • The next day we continue our journey to Penang!! YE-HA!! After the flight we go directly to Chulia Heritage Hotel and check in our room then fill our belly with afternoon snacks at Red Garden, not many stall open that time (maybe cos it's not weekend). With the half full belly we're walking around to get the place for dinner and we stumbble upon a uniqe noodle place (looks like a homemade noodle, and they have unique noodle flavour), Yeap noodle. Worth to try but be careful when ordering the spicy noodle, it splash some stain on my shirt T_T but the noodle is nice, full-filling, and CHEAP (around 5 MYR per bowl).
  • Starting a new day at Penang we enjoy the rainy morning coffe at The Mugshot Cafe. The cafe has a vintage interior, it's pretty cool. They have some spot with blackboard so you could be creative on taking pic with friends here. Also, their BAGEL is really very nice!! Must try!!
  • Since we only have limited priceless time and the raining didn't stop T_T so we decided to cross Penang Hill from our plan (next visit? HAHAHA). Then we spent our time in Penang Peranakan Museum, it's really interesting place to go. Don't forget to try Nonya Cuisine.
  • One more thing to explore in Penang, Penang Street Art!! It's everywhere and it's pretty unique.
  • Okay okay, one more snack must try before we checking out from this lovely town. Chendol!! Love it! Very refreshing and slurp!!
  • Back to Singapore I bring them to the famous and long Queue dimsum : Tim Ho Wan!! HAHAHA..

It's a very FUN time together gals, especially cos we were seperated by times and miles away. We explored a lil bit of Singapore and Penang since we only have a lil time together. See you next year gals!! And the following year hopefully in another part of the world!!

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