Geneva – Paris (Day 12)

By tina - tOonZone, August 17, 2011

Continuing our journey to... PARIS!! Taking train to the Geneva from Lucerne and we decided to have a little tour in Geneva with hot weather there.

Start the day with Mc Donald for lunch. Hahaha. After that we walk to the Tourist Centre nearby to get the map and see what we can explore within walking distance and limited time. We then found the Jet d'Eau or water jet or water fountain. This isn't like any other water fountain, it jetted 500 litres of water per second. The water jetted very high, you could simpy compare the height of the water and the building at the other side of the lake (in the picture below).

Another interesting place we found is L'horloge fleurie or flower clock(5 metres diameter). It's a symbol of the city's clockmakers and dedication to nature, the design keep changing over time and season.

Now, it's the time for another flight to... PARIS!!! Woohoo.. It's quite late when we reach Paris, so we will continue the adventure tomorrow. The hotel is doing renovation so the lift isn't really in good condition. The air-conditioner in room that is given to us is not working so they give us another room on 5th floor (which the hall way is still under renovation so the paint smell is strong :() but, it has the view of Eiffel Tower.

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