Forever with Us

By pyanto, August 4, 2010


4 August 2010,
Rest in peace our beloved pet..

She's been with us more that 9 years.. I first time get her from my friend since my junior high. at that time, only gave her milk, put her on the cane, play sometimes in after noon..

She always waited outside the house... waiting for us to arrive at home. sometimes barking while running when we horn the house.. She knew that we are coming..

She likes to go around the housing, finding friends [especially in that season], fighting with Ronaldy's dog.. I remember she got bitten and bleed from fighting..

She always come home when meal time.. In the morning and the evening when my dad come back from the store... Sometimes very dirty or even bleeding. But she doesn't really care, just eat..

She almost never get sick.. very healthy.. sometimes giving birth 2 times in a year.. that is very productive.. right? Got lots of money from her cubs too.. ahahaha..

She pee when I rub her.. euwh..

Today is a sad day, starting the day by reading a message telling she got crushed by a car.

It is a lost for all of us. Lets remember this day, we have lost her but memories are still remain..

Good Bye Bella, hope you had fun with us..

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  1. amelia says:

    sedih banget

  2. Nancy says:

    Bella skrg nyusul nyokapnya dhe :(
    good bye,Bella..!!
    love u!!

  3. sylvia says:

    RIP Bella.. actually just FYI if a dog peed on you especially when she feels so comfortable means she loves you a lot.. so dont mind to have it.. 😉

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