By tina - tOonZone, January 17, 2012

The one and only lao ban.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things here.
Thank you for the great support, advise, and trust.
I gain so much knowledge and weight too haha..

Our creative manager (& account manager & PM & tester)!!
Love ur creative design!! Always..
Thank you for introducing me the 51 beancurd!! So NICE!!
Eat more, sleep more, hope u will find ur BIG bf soon.. :p

The smart creative producer (& welfare officer & petty cash manager & water manager & company's photographer & event organizer)..
My diet buddy. Though lately (been a year) I lost control liao.
Keep fit.. But dun diet too much hor.. :)
Thank you for all the spongebob surprises!! For all the chit-chat time.

You are a GREAT PM, broooooo (sounds like u know who...)
Thank u for all the great experience working with u.
All the teh peng that I owe u, and the supper we had together during our OT's night with lihui as well.

The CSS master!!
U oso dun diet too much hor.
Thank u for all the herbal drink you gave me when I'm starting to catch flu. Hahaha..
Learn more JS stuff n as always never stop exploring new technology and share thru ur webwhalenews.com. Waiting for ur posts :)

Happie feet. Eeyore. Oops. Haha..
Eat moooorrrreeee!!!!
You are the most patience person I've ever known.

Three Charlie's angel sales,
Wahahahaha.. Didn't have a chance to work with u in a project before.
Jia you ba!!!!

Thank u for coming to my wedding which was far far away from Singapore..

Some memories to remember :p (taken all the photos below from JL's album)

This is my first birthday with Notion Age (I guess), August 2008. I'm still very thin :p Other group photo that proof that I was v thin..

Second birthday with Notion Age, August 2009

Third birthday with my Notion Age twin sister, August 2010. The result after dieting for wedding preparation. LOL

Forth birthday cake without me here, August 2011..

Thank u all once again for the tears, sweats, laughs, fats that we've shared together for almost 4 years.
Didn't manage to get the iPad & "I <3 my job" cert from the boss, but the opportunity to work with each one of u worth more. Wish u all the great wishes!!! Happy Chinese New Year... UPDATED: 18 01 2012

Another surprised!! WAHAHA.. Thanks All..
*sob sob* I'm touched!

D.I.Y. Spongebob and Spongebob's Handmade Card as response of my email.. WAHAHA..
Appreciate this!

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