Düsseldorf – my 24th birthday – Lucerne (Day 10)

By tina - tOonZone, August 15, 2011

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1 birthday girl 2 country 3 city in a day!!

Hahaha.. on 12 midnight, my sister surprise me with the cake and endless candle.. (I forgot how many times I blew the candle) then the birthday card has Germany Passport on the cover and my name on it.

So here in Germany (I think in many countries in Europe and Latin America as well), they celebrate NAME DAY. And my name (TINA) is celebrated every 07 Nov, which is actually Erik's birth date. Interesting!!!!

On the afternoon, we are having lunch at Chinese Restaurant. It's a treat from my brother-in-law :p THANKS cijong!!

The journey continue to the city of Zurich.. :) we fly by airberlin to Zurich then continue by train to Lucerne. It's very late already when we reached at the hotel. A minimalist hotel called Etap hotel. I like it BUT there's no toiletries provided >.< luckily there's a mini market near-by where we can buy toiletries there. Enjoying kebab dinner in Kebab restaurant near-by the hotel :) BEST birthday experience yet. [galleryview id="53"]

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