By tina - tOonZone, May 28, 2010

Celeste become a star among my BB's friends.. She's the daughter of our food-buddy (Ardhi-Caroline), hahahaha.. We enjoy going out together to taste different type of food with them.. *wings-ramen-dim sum-snow ice-indo food* next trip is SUSHI time..

We have new member Leroy-Ria to our food-buddy team.. HAHAHA.. Sadly they cannot join next food hunting. Hmm.. next time yah guys.. N get well soon for Leroy :p

Updated :
Yeay today Leroy-Ria join us to SUSHI TEI, though they went to watch movie after that. Me-Erik and Ardhi-Caroline-Celeste were heading to Christ The King Church for Sunset Mass, see Celeste was reading to go mommy.. :D to enjoy the CRAB.. Hahaha.. The Q was very long and Celeste was sleeping until we finish our dinner..

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  1. Celeste's mom says:

    Mana foto yg pas di gereja itu, Tin? hehehe…
    thank you yaaa…

  2. haha.. nanti ya celeste’s mom..
    tunggu update-nya nanti mlm.. 😀

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