06-06 : 6 out of 6

By tina - tOonZone, June 6, 2010

MPC (Marriage Preparation Course) is one of the requirement on the pre-nuptial enquiry which is one of the required document to do a wedding church on the Catholic Church. Apart from all the REQUIRED words that I mention, this course is not going to teach you how to have a perfect wedding celebration nor perfect marriage neither. All of us who joined the MPC are human being who are imperfect but we want to show how PERFECT LOVE (whom God Himself) guide us to LOVE one another perfectly.

At first, I'm sure all couples will feel that 6 weeks (without even one fail) is too long. We have to sacrifice our time, shifting their working schedule (for those who works in shifts, overseas-business trip, 24/7 working days). But in the end of the programme, I'm sure that all of them were having a lot of fun.

Personally, having lots of discussion between Erik and I, about mine and his future plan, and combine them become our future plan. To share it and to hear from the sharing group, enriched us with knowledge about true marriage, especially from Vincent and Karen (our presenting couple). We will pray for both of you and all the couples on the group who have enriched us from their experience also.

06/06/2010 were the 6th Sunday out of the 6 Sundays for our MPC session. Yeay graduation day!!
But as we all know that studying Science is a lot easier than being a Scientist, learning business is a lot easier than being a Businessman. I believe it will also apply to this course. The true marriage that we will fight later on will be a lot more rocky than all the quarreling happened before, but we believe that thru your prayer, God will lead us and guide us.

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  1. lolita says:

    oh GOD!!!!! speechless.. >.< next step hunnnnnn!!!!

  2. hahaha.. why r u speechless?

    i just saw ur comment.. long time never managed my blog T_T
    *act busy* ahahaha..

    keep praying for us .. thank u hun.. :*

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